Finally, after one month, I am able to take the time to thank you for the beautiful instrument you sold me. It was the best Christmas present I could ever give to myself.

I hope you put this email in your web page, because I want people to know, that they are dealing with a gentleman. Now, I know that all those comments in your web page are for real and very well justified. My TP-20 is very nice, it looks beautiful, sounds beautiful and is very easy to play, even for some one with wood fingers, like myself.

Thank you for your time and you honesty when I asked you which instrument to choose. I hope in a few years I can play good enough to buy a Prisloe.

-Best Regards, JC

I was sitting here practicing and, while admiring the great tone of my TP-20, decided to drop you a note. I absolutely love my guitar. I’m so glad I picked it, and I’m very thankful to you. Not only is this guitar absolutely fantastic, but my teacher can’t stop admiring it as well. She loves it and is constantly telling me what an amazing deal it was for the price.

-Take care, Gregory Gleason

I just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying my TP-20 that I bought a few months ago. Rarely does a day go by that it doesn’t get played and I love the sound of this guitar. Whenever I go to Guitar Center I make it a point to look at their selection of classicals.

They’ve got everything from low end Ramirez on down, but……nothing compares to the build quality of the TP-20. It is impeccable. My opinion is that there really isn’t a better deal out there for a solid top classical guitar.

-Thanks again, 
Bill Ketchel

Tom, I was just on the Pavan guitar website and read your comment about the first Flamenco Negra you received as one of a larger group of instruments. You said that it was “one nice guitar.” As the owner of that guitar, I believe it would be more accurate to say that it is “one superlative guitar” with lots of exclamation points. The trebles ring like a bell and the basses are beautifully sonorous. When I play it between the sound hole and the bridge, the sound is very flamenco; brilliant and percussive. If I move up to over the sound hole, I get a lovely classical sound; clear and with very good sustain. This guitar can easily fill a medium sized hall with sound. As you know, I also own a Pavan classical with spruce soundboard. This is again a beautiful instrument not only from the point of view of its music, which is clear and soulful, but also in its aesthetics. The head design, the rosette and matching purfling, all of it is very attractive.

Each time I bring this guitar to my lesson, my instructor comments on its beauty. I have compared both of my instruments to guitars costing $4000 and more. I win!!

-Lee Rausch

The guitar arrived yesterday. . . . I would have written sooner, but I’ve hardly been able to put it down! It is lovely: great sound, terrific sustain. I’m so glad that I went with the TP 30-64. The smaller string length is SO much more comfortable for my small hands. I couldn’t be happier.

-Susan Birden

This is just to let you know how really pleased I am with the TP-30. It was very nice to play when it arrived, but over the last 6 weeks it has got steadily better and better! I particularly like the sweetness of the treble strings, though the strong, rich basses and the guitar’s overall responsiveness are most impressive too. It is a pleasure to hear how much better every piece of music sounds on it compared to my old guitar.

You are doing a great job providing these quality instruments at such a reasonable price!


Just wanted to let you know my TP-20 arrived safely in Ottawa on Saturday. It’s an incredible instrument and your comment “….would be a good buy at twice the price” is certainly true. A guitar that sounds and plays this good is inspirational.

-Thank you,
 Alan Nixon

The TP-30 guitar arrived, safely, today. It is just what I was looking for, but was unable to find in Calgary. It has a lovely, bright tone – typical of the Spanish made guitars – and is a pleasure to play. Given my apprehension about purchasing a guitar over the net, I was both surprised and delighted with the quality of the guitar. It is a bargain!
  Thank you so much for the enjoyable buying experience!

-Best wishes,
 Phil Reed

It’s a keeper! Of course you probably already knew that.
  I received my guitar Wednesday, thought it was beautiful and was getting pretty attached to it. But as I mentioned being a beginner, I planned to take it to my instructor who is also part of a Classical Guitar Duo, Professor and Chair of the guitar department at my college and performs all over the country professionally. I felt I should defer to her judgment on this and was pleased to hear and see her response to this wonderful guitar.

She was impressed from the minute I opened the case and became more impressed as she inspected it. Her comments included, “It looks beautiful, I love what I see” and “It sounds terrific and has great sustain and will only sound better with age”. At the end when pushed to pronounce it worthy of keeping she asked if I would mind telling her what I had paid for it. That made me slightly nervous as I was so inexperienced and unsure about my ability to know if the price was appropriate. But when I told her it the price she smiled and said, “It is a beautiful instrument and sounds very good, keep it, you got a GOOD deal.”

So needless to say I am a very happy camper at this point and this guitar has definitely found a new and permanent home. Thanks so much for your help and prompt delivery. I really enjoyed dealing with you and will refer your name to everyone I know that needs a great guitar for a great price.


I wanted to let you know that I received my guitar on Saturday. It was everything it was advertised to be. It looks beautiful, plays easily and sounds great. You can add another satisfied customer to your list. Thanks again for providing such a wonderful instrument.

I purchased a Pavan TP-30 earlier this year. This is the most beautiful sounding classical guitar that I have ever played. Now it has settled in, the tone is wonderful and rich, this guitar is an absolute joy to play and seems to require much less effort than my previous guitars.

When my guitar teacher played this guitar he didn’t want to put it back down, he made particular comment as to how well balanced the guitar is across all strings and also the wonderful resonance produced from this instrument.

I would like to thank you for providing me with such a high quality instrument at an unbelievable price.

-Best regards, 
Michael England

Thanks for letting me visit your shop and try the TP-30s. Your patience is extraordinary (I say this realizing that I stayed for about 3 hours!). I was greatly impressed by the guitars I played, and though the decision was tough, I am VERY pleased with guitar I bought. As you know, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time visiting classical guitar sellers (most recently the famous store in Philly), and I’ve played guitars in the $1500 to $2200 range. I narrowed my choice to either a Cervantes (concert) Hauser model (about $2000) and the Giambattista G8 (also about $2000). I had heard about your Pavan guitars, and thought that before I make the big plunge, I’d give the Pavan TP-30 a try. It sounded as good and played as easily as these other guitars, but what was spectacular was that the Pavan was at half the cost! Thanks for providing such a quality guitar at (what I think is) an affordable price. I should say that I also appreciated the time you took to set up the guitar. It is probably one of the only things (in recent memory) that I’ve bought on which I feel that I’ve come out on top.

You have my email address, and so feel free to let folks interested in the guitar to write me. It’d be my pleasure to tell them my experience with you, your service, and the Pavan TP-30.

-Best wishes,
 Kurt Smith

This is a short thank you note for the TP-30. I have been playing it daily since I bought it, and I have been enjoying every minute of it. I am recommending this guitar to everyone who cares to listen.


She” has arrived safe and sound — a BEAUTIFUL guitar. I will share your sight with my friends and hopefully you’ll get some “word of mouth” out of it.

Again, thank you — I am STOKED!


My new TP-30 arrived safely yesterday evening. Within a few minutes after removing it from the case, it was obvious that what your satisfied customers said about the guitar was absolutely true. The guitar that I held in my hands was exactly the guitar I had been wanting to buy. An excellent guitar at a reasonable price. Compared to the cheap, mass-produced classical guitar I used to struggle with, the TP-30 is a revelation.* It is well-manufactured, aesthetically appealing, very easy to play, and has an extremely nice tone.* It is a special pleasure playing such a beautiful and responsive instrument.
  Thanks, once again, for the time you took to answer my questions. Oh, by the way, I’m keeping the guitar.


I really don’t know how to thank you. My guitar from you is just an unbelievable treasure!! I want to personally thank you for providing me such a really beautiful sounding and looking guitar I’ve ever had in my life!! I still can’t believe it every time I see the guitar. Your description is really true. It is a beauty, BOTH in look and sound!!.I am so lucky I did contact you via email at that day and finally purchased it from you!!

My teacher is equally impressed with the guitar!! He said the sound quality is equal to a $5000-$6000 price range concert guitar!!! I believe this is a result of a long-time research you have done in all aspects from A to Z in building the guitar as well as the used of materials and woods. I also am impressed with your fast, excellent service and good communication.

-Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

I want to thank you for your prompt service on my new Tp-20. It plays beautifully, sounds great and looks great. I love to play it and it is hard to put down. When my music teacher played it he immediately said, “you have a better sounding guitar then I have”. He plays a high end Hirade Classical Takamine and couldn’t believe what I paid for the Pavan. He said it sounded like a guitar that would bring at least twice the price I paid you. Also the setup was great.

-Thanks again, 

I received my TP-30 about a week ago and I absolutely love this guitar! Everything about the TP-30 exceeded my expectations. The workmanship and set up are beautiful, and the nuance of tone the guitar produces is unbelievable. I also love the finish, not a run or a bubble! Flawless! From the quality of the tuners to the straightness of the neck, from the perfectly seated, filed and polished frets to the elegant rosette and binding, and every other intricate detail this guitar possesses; the TP-30 is amazing! After playing and considering a lot of guitars, including a Ramirez 4E and a Contreras C4, I am absolutely delighted that I chose the Pavan TP-30.

-Thank you, Greg Lawless

The guitar arrived this morning safe and sound – just spent my lunch hour tuning and playing a couple of pieces – it is, truly, everything I had hoped for. Can’t wait to have my lesson tomorrow evening.

-Thanks for everything, 

I received your package yesterday; however, I was not able to open until this morning. I am so happy!! The guitar and the tone is beautiful!!! I am so pleased that I found your website. You did a fantastic job packing it too.

Thank you so much… music will be coming back in to our home.
I will highly recommend you to anyone looking for a guitar, and I will be back!

-Again, many thanks!! Carolee Aiell

I just received your Flamenco Negra, and I am a satisfied customer. It has a great finish and flawless sound for its price range. This is as good as it gets.

-Thank you,
 Josue Delreal Chacon

I purchased the TP-20 for you a few months ago, and I can not tell you how much I love it. I can practice for hours now, I just don’t want to put it down.

Thank you so much for selling me this guitar. My playing has improved so much. Such a fine instrument. Every one that sees and hears it is very impressed with the quality and the sound.

-Debra Pruett

Kudos to you on an incredible guitar (TP-20). I am incredibly impressed with the level of expertise you presented in setting up the guitar to achieve the “best playability”. The tones are rich and the resonance produced while playing is harmonious. After finishing a few notes I had noticed that the guitar continued to beautifully resonate even after depressing the strings. The only issue I have is that you are currently undercharging for the guitars. I don’t think it is fair to you to spend that great deal of time just for the guitar adjustment and not charge for it. You obviously have a passion for the instrument and it is evident in the quality of guitar and setup. I would like to Thank You for allowing the “player” society to be able to afford such a rich tone sounding instrument and also appreciate the high level of service and expertise that you have demonstrated.

-Thank You, 
Marc Trovarello

The guitar arrived this afternoon. It is everything I expected . . . and more. Have been playing for the last couple hours, getting the strings “stretched” in . . . Thanks again for your help and a truly beautiful instrument.


This is Jorge. I bought your Pavan guitarra earlier this year with the LR Baggs under the saddle. Tom, it is the most beautiful guitar I have ever played. The sound, the tone is so rich, the body is gorgeous, it smells fantastic and it plays like a dream. Even when amplified it just sounds richer and the tone is to die for. I have played many guitars in my time, but my TP-30 is head and shoulders above any of those. I know I was a bit nervous when I purchased it sight unseen but my fears were allayed as soon as I touched it and it was in my hands.

I just wanted to thank you Tom very much for Carmen, as I call her. If you wish to add this letter to your testimonials I would be honored to let the world know that it is not just a wonderfully built guitar but that it is also the best bargain you will find in a handmade guitar anywhere. I know, I searched and researched. Everyone that has seen it or played it is astounded by it. They can’t believe it cost less than a grand. It’s a bargain at twice that much. If anyone wishes to contact me personally, they contact me through my website at www.majical.com and reach me there. Thank you Tom Prisloe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

-Yours in music,

Just a quick note to tell you how much I am enjoying my TP-30. I attended a four day classical guitar workshop at a local university and received many positive comments regarding the guitar. One participant who played a custom made instrument was amazed at what I had paid!

Also, I took my TP-30 to a local luthier to have a small fret marker placed at the 7th fret. His first comment upon removing it from the case was,“Who made this?” When I returned to pick up the guitar, I found that he had set in a small piece of abalone instead of a basic white dot. To me, this is another compliment from a very skilled and well known individual.

-Dave Chase

I’ve had my TP-20 for a week now and have a couple of comments. This is a really nice guitar. I like it better every time I play it. Your assurance in recommending it is completely justified, and the testimonials on your website are not exaggerated a bit. It’s well built, has good woods finished nicely and sounds wonderful. It looks much better in real life than it does in the photos on the website. My only regret, if I can call it that, is that I didn’t spring for the TP-30.
   Thanks for your time and for a really good deal on a really good guitar.

-Chuck Teague

I received the TP-30 three weeks ago and wanted to send you a note to thank you for your help. It has a most beautiful sound. I do not know how to compare it to other fine instruments in terms of cost. It has been hard to shop in the middle of Iowa as I mentioned, but I can honestly say that it is the best classical I’ve played.

It is everything you said it would be in terms of voice, evenness, sustain and projection. I have played it for over 2 hours every day since receiving. Each and every time I reluctantly put it down, my thoughts turn to the next time that I will pick it up. It is a true joy to play and to learn it subtleties. My skills are improving daily and I know this instrument will take me very far down the path.

Thanks again for your help and for your answers to my questions. It is a pleasure working with you.


Received the guitar friday in perfect condition. It “sings”! Just love it.


Hello there. Sorry I didn’t get back to you earlier. I received the TP-30 and it was everything I thought it would be and more. I am very happy with the tone and volume and appearance. My guitar teacher said that it has great projection and it would be great for concerts. I appreciate you putting the silver tuners on it as well. I have recommended you to some of my friends who need guitars, so we may be doing more business in the future. Thanks for everything and God Bless.


I’ve had my TP-30 for about 5 months now and it is a pleasure to play. I practice 2-4 hours per session about 4 to 5 times per week and the more I play it the better it sounds. Notes are clear and beautiful. My wife loves listening to it and is very happy that I decided to go back to playing.

I appreciate the fact that you make such fine guitars like the Pavan available in the manner that you do. I’m in an out of music stores and always take a look at the classical guitars they are selling. While some are nice, none of them possess the quality of your Pavan. I am completely satisfied with my TP-30.

-Thanks again, 

My guitar arrived on Tues. What an instrument for the money ! A very nice guitar and I am well pleased. The shorter neck length is great for my shorter fingers. The guitar is everything you said it would be—great volume, great tone, great sustain. It will serve me well until until you build my ultimate guitar. Thanks again. I feel great !! Keep up the good work … I have a great trust in you and your work.

-The best to you and your family,
 Neil Barnes

The guitar arrived this morning safe and sound — just spent my lunch hour tuning and playing a couple of pieces — it is, truly, everything I had hoped for. Can’t wait to have my lesson tomorrow evening.

-Thanks for everything, 

Just to let you know I’ve been performing and recording with the Spanish guitar (TP-20 I bought from you last year) and have been receiving extremely favorable comments about the guitar. My classical guitar teacher said it’s a really good guitar, and the engineer at the recording studio was really impressed with its tone.

-Take care, 

I have taken safe delivery of my TP-30, what a stunning instrument it is. I had my lesson on Monday. My teacher who is classically trained and has played professionally for 30 years played a few pieces on it describing all the components and woods that made the guitar as he was playing. Needless to say he gave it a five star rating. Superb does not begin to describe the quality of build and sound that it produces. I will not hesitate to recommend you and your guitars in the future. If this e-mail helps someone make the decision to purchase then that will be fantastic. Feel free to quote any or all of this e-mail in any way you see fit either on your website or newsletters.

-Thank you,
 Ken Pearson

Once again I want to thank you for selling me the Pavan TP-30 guitar. I have enjoyed playing it so much this past week. The acoustic sound this guitar produces is unbelievable. The craftsmanship is top notch. Everyone who has seen it are amazed at its beauty. Well, the true test came Saturday when I brought it to the one person in town who knows guitars and has owned a guitar shop in Baton Rouge for 30 years. He also happens to be the best fingerstyle guitar player around and he knows a great guitar when he sees one. He has always been brutally honest with me when I brought him my latest guitar. To make a long story short when he looked at it, he immediately could tell this was a well built guitar but when he played it a funny smile came over his face and he looked at me and said “David this guitar sounds better than a $10,000 Ramirez Guitar I owned in the past and better than a $5000 classical guitar I have previously owned.” He was in shock at how I got a guitar of this quality for the price I paid.

He told me to look no farther for a better sounding classical guitar because I would be very hard pressed to find one even if I spent 1000’s of dollars. To say the least he was more impressed with this guitar and more so than any guitar I have ever brought to him in the past and he told me so. The list of guitars I have brought to him is very long so this is a great complement.

Thanks again Tom for the great guitar I will pass this secret along to my guitar buddies.

-David Brignac

I just wanted to let you know that my first concert back home was a success. I played 23 songs ranging from Tarrega, Barrios, Bach and Handel to name a few. I had many compliments on my playing and also on the guitar. I added your name in the program notes so that people would know who to contact if they liked the guitar. 
   After having so much feedback and time playing the instrument (TP-20), I can give you a review of the instrument. The beauty of the guitar is very desirable. I have had many people comment on the beauty and aesthetics of the instrument. Along with sound, it is of high quality. Being in a guitar studio with ten other people, I have found that my guitar has a wider spectrum of dynamic abilities than the rest of the guitars. My professor, George Lindquist, asked me if I paid 2000 dollars for the instrument. I happily told him the price knowing that I had made a wise investment. And the initial guessed price came from a man that scrutinizes everything. To make a long story short, the instrument gives myself a lot of confidence in what I play.

-I hope to keep in touch, 
Matt Miller

What a beautiful guitar! I catch the wonderful aroma of cedar every time I open the case and bring the instrument up to my knee. I find it very easy to play. I took the guitar to my teacher to look at and evaluate. He loved it. He was very pleased with the construction, the tone, the action, and the value. In fact, he seemed just as excited about the instrument as I. I’m so glad that I found you through the internet. I am thankful that I had the opportunity to visit with you on the phone. And I look forward to growing in my music skills playing this wonderful new guitar.

-Again, Thanks! Jason McSpadden

The guitar is beautiful! My instructor, W. Redman immediately noticed it when he walked into the class. By his recommendation, I am taking the guitar on Monday to show a friend of his, who needs a new guitar, and giving him your web address.

-Sharon Fitzpatrick

I wanted to let you know that Carl LOVED the guitar when I gave it to him at Christmas. I’ve been meaning to write to tell you that, and it’s taken longer than I thought it would. In any case, it is definitely one of the best purchases I think I’ve ever made — thank you again for all your help.


Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner. I received the TP-20 on Dec. 15, just before we left for several days over Christmas. I have not had a lot of time to play as yet, but the guitar is beautiful, has a very good sound and is easy to play. It sounds as good as a lot of more expensive guitars and it is everything you said it would be. I am so glad I found you on the internet because you saved me a lot of money. I was dreading buying a guitar over the internet but you made the experience much better. To have a luthier and classical guitarist recommend a guitar set my mind at ease and after talking to you on the phone, it was settled. Thanks so much and I will gladly recommend you to anyone looking for a classical guitar. I look forward to many years of enjoyment with this guitar. Feel free to use this as a testimonial.

-Best regards,
 Joe Hopkins

I received my new guitar and I am VERY pleased with it!!! It honestly makes a HUGE difference in the sound of my playing. I am really enjoying it!!! Thanks for offering such a wonderful guitar!!!

-Kristi Bridge

I received my TP-20 yesterday. Played until my wife threatened to leave me … just kidding.

The guitar is wonderful and all you claimed it would be. Beautiful tone and playability. Its a pleasure to “get to know.” Beautiful hardwoods and perfect finish (I visually checked every inch). The case too, is of exceptional quality. 

I just retired and this is probably my last guitar purchase. I’m so glad to have purchased this beautiful instrument from you. The price was fair, especially compared to not even equivalent guitars at the music stores here in Southern California. Most had solid tops, but veneered sides and backs.

 Tom Barber

Just to say that the TP-30 arrived and that I definitely WON’T be sending it back!

First of all, I think it’s a lovely instrument to look at and hold. I’m no expert but the workmanship seems of very good quality. Second, I am very, very pleased with the playability, and the size is just fine. In fact, it seems effectively smaller than my Martin because it takes less “work” for the hand to produce good sound. (If I recall, that’s one of your key objectives in making your concert guitars.)

Of course, I like the sound and projection—the most important things. More volume and brightness than my old guitar, which combined with quality mentioned above, immediately improves my guitar playing.

Anyway, can’t wait to get home from work and play it. And I thank you for making such an instrument available at this price.

-Best to you, 
Jeremy Williams

Well, I’m halfway through my trial period and I am sorry to say that you can not have the guitar back. I really had no idea what I have been missing until I received the Pavan. Playing ‘Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring’ on it literally choked me up when I heard the wonderful tone resonate from all the strings and not just the upper register. I was delighted to find out that I have been limited not just by technical ability but by the physical inadequacies of my old guitar and was immediately able to play chords and fingering that had been nearly or completely impossible before and had limited my ability to progress. Your guitar is a beautiful piece of art, easy action, and phenomenal sound. Thank you for making me aware of it and for expediting my purchase. By the way, I’m also very impressed with the case.

-Thanks again, Lar Tilford

I purchased one of your Pavan guitars this past spring and I just want to let you know that I am LOVING it!! Everyone comments on how nice sounding it is, and it is indeed a pleasure to learn on a quality instrument.

Thanks for going out of your way to provide us with good instruments (especially for us beginning students) at affordable prices.

-Thanks again, Sara Hussong

Thanks so much for the quality instrument. I haven’t touched a steel string since it arrived. My instructor was incredibly impressed and I think you will have some more Olympia orders at some point. A guy named Brian is a likely candidate.

Thanks again, Tom. It’s a true pleasure to have such a good experience despite the distance and anonymity of the Web.


For the past several days, I have been waiting anxiously for the guitar to arrive and have been tracking on the UPS. I finally received it yesterday afternoon.

The guitar is beautiful and had the color that I preferred, on the front, sides and back. When I picked it up, it felt very smooth and i have to be careful not to let it slip off my hands. I tuned it up and play a little last night and the sound is what I have been looking for.

I am still learning the guitar and am not an expert nor have played many good guitars out there to be able to judge this one but this guitar has exceed my expectations on looks and sound quality at this price and higher. Most things in life you get what you pay for and very few things you get more than what you pay for and I believe the Pavan TP-20 is one of those very few.

Thanks for selecting this guitar for me and making this purchase so easy.

-Best regards,