Handmade quality Spanish Classical Guitars, at an affordable price

Spanish classical guitars at great prices! Pavan Guitars, built in Spain, have a beautiful sound, are easy to play, well made, and are professionally set up. Pavan Guitars come with a seven day trial period, and a lifetime warranty.

Why choose Pavan

Spanish made

Pavan Guitars was started by classical guitar builder and performer Tom Prisloe for players looking for affordable, great sounding instruments. These recital quality Spanish guitars are built in a factoria in Spain according to Tom’s specifications. Using the highest quality woods and materials these Spanish classical guitars are hand built by Spanish craftsmen with decades of experience.


The quality of sound on these instruments is comparable to concert guitars at more than three times the price. For this reason professional studio musicians and serious classical guitar players choose to play on a Pavan guitar – a balanced, resonant, responsive instrument with excellent sustain and volume, and broad tonal variation.

Lifetime warranty

When you receive your Pavan classical guitar you are given a seven day trial period. If the guitar is not what you want you can return it in new condition for a full refund minus shipping costs. Each Pavan guitar comes with a limited lifetime warranty covering the construction of the guitar.

“I’ve had my TP-20 for a week now and have a couple of comments.This is a really nice guitar. I like it better every time I play it. Your assurance in recommending it is completely justified, and the testimonials on your website are not exaggerated a bit. It’s well build, has good woods finished nicely and sounds wonderful…..Thanks for your time and for a really good deal on a really good guitar.”