Sound and Video samples by Kenneth Meyer

The following sound samples are performed and recorded by classical guitarist Kenneth Meyer, Adjunct Professor of Guitar Studies at Syracuse University and Professor of Guitar at Onondaga Community College. Visit him on Facebook .

“I have known Tom for over a decade and in that time have recommended his guitars to all of my university, college and private students looking for a great instrument at a modest price. In contrast to other guitars in this price range Tom’s are more responsive, better balanced from bass to treble, they speak quickly, clearly, more articulately and are simply fun to play. This is why students often sound better when they pick one up, why their practice time often doubles and why they are better able to implement many of the musical and technical suggestions we have been working on in their lessons. In addition to being a great value and fun to play, these guitars are founded on Tom’s lifetime experience as a guitarist and builder and I am delighted to help spread the word regarding these fantastic instruments.”

—Kenneth Meyer

Comparing Spruce and Cedar Guitars

Comparing Spruce and Cedar Guitars

Pavan TP-30 Spruce Guitar Sample

Pavan TP-30 Cedar Guitar Sample

 Comparing Spruce and Cedar Guitars

Pavan TP-30 Cedar Guitar

Pavan TP-20 Cedar Guitar


Pavan TP-20 Cedar Guitar Sample

Pavan TP-20AC Sound Sample

Pavan TP-10 Guitar Sound Sample

Pavan TP-10 Guitar

Pavan TP-20AC Guitar

Pavan TP-30 Spruce Guitar

Sound samples by Nathan Kolosko

The following sound samples are performed and recorded without any sound enhancements by classical guitarist and composer Nathan Kolosko. To learn more about Nathan visit his website at www.nathankolosko.com

“I suggest Pavan Classical Guitars to all my students. They are far better then other instruments in their price range. The quality of sound, craftsmanship and materials are outstanding and comparable to instruments many times their price. It was a pleasure to record with these Spanish guitars and I consider myself lucky to have both spruce and cedar TP-30’s in my collection. I have performed on these guitars and have received praise from other guitarist on their concert quality sound. I truly enjoy practicing, teaching and performing on my TP-30’s. Thanks Tom, for your hard work and dedication to providing exceptional classical guitars that everyone can afford.”

—Nathan Kolosko

Pavan TP-30 Cedar Guitar Samples

Sons de Carilhoes by Joao Texeira Guimaraes

Eternal Saudade by Delermando Reis

Pavan TP-30 Spruce Guitar Samples

Siguenza by F. Moreno-Torroba

Natalia Valse No. 3 by Antonio Lauro


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